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I witnessed a miracle….

I trucked my little ones down there, armed with snacks, action figures, and a laptop to play movies on… …Desperately trying to make progress on a project that seems impossible. I walk into a house that is suppose to be “home” to a family of eight in just three short weeks, and it looks like […]

Little Glimmers of God’s Work

A little girl in our home lost her first tooth this past week… ….and a mother caught a glimpse of God’s work.       That five year old was thrilled to show all of her friends, including her “best” friend, our neighbor, who spends the afternoons and most evenings with us while she waits for […]

Where does discipline come from?

But this kind never comes out except by prayer and fasting. (Matthew 17:21) It kept ruminating around in my head.  I personally had decided to fast multiple times over the course of the past two months, but as soon as crisis hit, or the exhaustion set in, it was just too easy to reach for […]

One Thing to Cling to When Things are Tough

Where’s this blogging girl gone? Well, after a week spell of intense editing and rereading into the late nights, sickness has slammed the family. And slammed the door on the writing momentum. And when your husband, and your kids, and your pregnant self are all horribly sick, violently coughing through night after sleepless night, aching […]

What He COULDN’T do….

He turned water into wine. Multiplied fish and loaves to feed thousands. Healed sick people. Raised individuals from the dead. Walked on water. Drove demons away. Caused money to appear out of a fish’s mouth. Sensed people’s thoughts. There wasn’t a lot that this God-man, Jesus,  couldn’t do. In fact, some would argue that there’s […]