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Three months and no words? Where have the Iversons been all summer?

Where have the Iversons been all summer?!? Three full months, and no words? No blog posts? No adventures to recount? No thoughts or impressions from the Lord? No musings from the Living Word of God? Oh, they have been there. They have been mulled over while scrubbing pots and pans. They have been formulated while […]

No other explanation

It’s all his fault. He made me do it. Just if he hadn’t written that little book. Just if it hadn’t hit such a chord in my soul. Just if I hadn’t begun to pray that prayer based on what he had written. “I cannot-and only God can….It means bowing to the fact that you […]

Broken, just enough

He was to be the capstone preacher for the Young Leader’s preaching series this summer. He had several excellent sermons to follow. There is always the questions, “what do you focus on?”, “how will you be received?” “what do you wear?” when you preach for a 6,000 member church.  When a man prepares to bring […]

Undeserved Gifts

          Our God is a lavish Giver.  I dare anyone out there to try to out-give Him.  It just can’t be done. My most recent experience with the fact that He is far more creative, generous, and extravagant than I could ever attempt to be towards Him and His Kingdom work, […]

Swords and Secrets of the Kingdom

Last week Daniel Josiah’s preschool was doing a “Bible Character Parade” in which the kids were suppose to dress up as their favorite Bible character.  When I asked Daniel Josiah what he wanted to dress up as, the conversation went like this: Me: So, Daniel Josiah, who do you want to be for the parade? […]