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And the Children Came…

A Part II of Let the Children Come “WHY am I doing this?!? Why did I think running a kids club by myself was a good idea?!?” I wonder as, 30 minutes before Kids Club is supposed to start, I am cleaning up INCHES of water in my bathroom due to the kids climbing on […]

New friends from 3 different continents

Libyans from Africa. Saudi Arabians from the Middle East. Italians from Europe. Taiwanese from Asia.  The world was gathered in our home. And I am so thankful to be a part of it. I met Jesus in it. As a follow-up to my recent conviction about being moved by the Spirit, I put aside my […]

A Night with the Giants

David Tyree, #85 of the New York Giants. We first met him several years ago when he came to speak at an evangelistic breakfast in Newark -David played for the Giants and that was a BIG deal for our teens and young adult men. We were so thankful for his willingness to use his platform […]

The Meanest Mommy on the Block

The meanest Mommy on the block. Literally.  Coming off of a week of intense activity, late nights, leaving all of my household jobs to be done later, I was spent.  But the funny thing about being a mommy of four small children is, they could care less if you are “spent”.  They still need to […]

Yard Sale Mania

The reason it has taken me over two weeks to write this update post on our yard sale-ing endeavors is because of the toll it took on my sleep, my parenting, my housework, etc. (that is a whole other post, which I will hopefully get to soon). BUT, I must say, the yard sale went […]


We had ALMOST made it. We were within 28 hours of Daddy’s return when the tornado sirens went off, the thunderstorms rolled in, and I huddled all the kids in the bathroom for fear that a tornado was going to hit. After a little bit, my phone rang, I got busy getting ready for the […]

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