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As we fast….

As we go into our weekend of fasting for Newark, NJ and the ministry of Safe Haven there, I wanted to include some practical helps and ways we can be approaching the Lord on behalf of this city. First of all, the fast will be lasting for 48 hours (Friday 7pm-Sunday 7pm)  and we are […]

22 Bullets Later

I buried Daniel last Friday… He was 19 years old. He had a kid on the way… another kid who is going to grow up without his daddy in his life.  It’s been two weeks since he was murdered and I was hoping all the emotions would have faded by now but they haven’t. I’ve […]

Safe Haven Update

So…What’s happening in Newark Things are in full motion in Newark!  God is working in awesome ways through our team and though we miss that place so much it is amazing to see the work continue and lives being changed. We might have left for a season, but the Spirit of God never did and […]

From the Hood to Disneyland… What? An Iverson Update

Click here for full Newsletter This fall Danny Starts classes at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL.  We plan on being there for three years and coming back to Newark to plant more churches.  We will still be working for Safe Haven…. read on to learn more about this new season in our lives. What is going […]

The Womb

Yes, it is true. Kimberly is pregnant again with number four.  And we just found out it is a boy.  Benjamin Zion Iverson is the name. I guess I can do something right…  We are due September 18th (our 6th year anniversary)  God is so faithful and I am amazed at the beauty of new life. […]