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The Trials ARE the Training

We’ve sat in seminars. Visited hotel conference rooms and small group brainstorming sessions. We have been “trained” to be church planters. Don’t get me wrong, these things are good and necessary things, but nothing is quite like the training that trials bring. Since moving to Atlanta, with a vision to plant churches that keep planting […]

One Thing to Cling to When Things are Tough

Where’s this blogging girl gone? Well, after a week spell of intense editing and rereading into the late nights, sickness has slammed the family. And slammed the door on the writing momentum. And when your husband, and your kids, and your pregnant self are all horribly sick, violently coughing through night after sleepless night, aching […]

Singing through the Storms

It’s posted right in my windowsill over the sink… The kids and I sing it on the way to school… Its a lifeline and bedrock when every physical thing around me is shifting (or being hauled to the dump) “Yes, they shall sing of the ways of the Lord.  For GREAT is the glory of […]