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Best Buddies

                          One of the greatest joys of being a mommy to two, is watching them interact and become friends. When Daniel Josiah was just a small baby, we started praying that he would be a good big brother to whatever siblings God would […]

fourteen hours and counting every minute

  The plane ride to Japan was 14 hrs.  Believe me, we felt every minute.  Daniel Josiah did take a two hour nap, but for the other twelve hours of occupying a two year old AND a 5 month old, we tried every trick in the bag. Daniel Josiah tried a few tricks of his […]

Snowboarding Adventures

He might be thirty, but he’s still pretty sweet on a snowboard. All 19 of us Iversons packed up and left at 4am one Monday morning to make a 4 hour trek to Nojiri Lake up in the mountains. We had two great days of hitting the slopes (for me, it literally was HITting the […]