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One of the greatest joys of being a mommy to two, is watching them interact and become friends. When Daniel Josiah was just a small baby, we started praying that he would be a good big brother to whatever siblings God would give him.  It is exciting to see this prayer being answered. When Daniel Josiah is not trying to “play wrestle” with Trinity, he is so sweet with her.  If she is crying, he promptly comes running to tell me (as if I didn’t hear her myself 🙂 and I send him on a mission to go get her toys.  He’s so good about recruiting his favorites-his blocks, spiderman, or his toy microphone- to pacify her.  Trinity lights up when Daniel Josiah plays with her and he has managed, (through many different dramatic reenactments) to get hearty giggles and peals of laughter from her.  But the relationship is reciprocal as well…  Sometimes, Trinity is given the mission to wake Daniel Josiah from his nap (which includes Mommy placing Trinity on top of him and then hiding to see what his reaction is).  As she bats at his face, he groggily exclaims “Tchreee!” (the name Trinity has too many syllables…he just sticks with the first and the last).  Then he enjoys cuddling with her as he emerges from his deep world of slumber.   Trinity is just as pleased with this role in his daily routine.  Oh, the sweetness of sibling relationships.  We’re praying that God would continue to grow this relationship into a deep and lifelong friendship-for God’s glory and for the furthering of His Kingdom through the covenant family.