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A Cry for the FATHER

As I walked around the table talking to kids during summer camp I was amazed at the feeling of family I felt. There was so much joy in the room, such unity and order.  Our kids are changing for the better.  I am witnessing the amazing fruit of the Gospel seeds that have been planted […]

Stolen diamonds, Flying punches, and the Joy of God

As I slowly stood to my feet, jaw aching with pain, I didn’t know what to think.  Part of me felt so confused, a bit scared and doubtful, but another part of me felt alive with compassion and fresh love for the man hitting me.  I couldn’t believe this was actually happening and I couldn’t […]

Rebuild the Temple

Dear fellow supporters of the redemption in Newark. The sanctuary of Trinity Reformed Church has scaffolding lining the walls and is ready for insulation and sheet rock.  The rebuilding of this leaky 134 year old sanctuary has been a long time coming and now by God’s grace and the many volunteers who have come (and Paul Nulton) we have […]

Cursed Out on Christmas

“In the Messiah, in Christ, God leads us from place to place in one perpetual victory parade. Through us, he brings knowledge of Christ. Everywhere we go, people breathe in the exquisite fragrance. Because of Christ, we give off a sweet scent rising to God, which is recognized by those on the way of salvation—an […]

There Must be Blood to Enter

Dear Family and friends, My heart is heavy right now as I write this. Its 3:19 am and I can’t sleep because I can’t stop thinking about the 100 plus young men 2 blocks away gathered for the Crips (Main Gang in our area) initiation. Last night a highschool junior who lives in those projects […]

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