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Daniel Josiah turns 3!!

On November 21st Daniel Josiah turned three years old. We celebrated as a family by going to Jeepers, an arcade/play place for kids.  Daniel Josiah likes it because he gets to ride the “motorcycles” and a little train that runs around the track.  On November 23rd we had a party for him with all of his little friends.  It was a PUMPKIN party (i know, i know, not the coolest, but next year when he really cares he can have a Spiderman party).  Let me tell you, Daniel Josiah has been talking about his “pawty” since Trinity celebrated her birthday in August. This was a much anticipated event.

Friday, before the party Daniel Josiah helped Mommy bake the cake and bake the pumpkin cookies that we would decorate.  While we were baking, I let Trinity have a scoop of the pumpkin we were using and Daniel Josiah exclaimed “Heeyyy! Tri – ty eat my punkin pawty!!”   Well, fortunately for the guests, and particularly for Daniel Josiah Trinity did NOT eat the entire party, but just a very small ingredient of a part of the party. Hence, we have pictures to share.

After each guest arrived, Daniel Josiah asked “More fwiends comin punkin party?” (as if the present ones weren’t good enough) Apparently,  the guests weren’t TOO offended at this greeting…

“Honey, I think you have enough candy on your cookie”, I said as Daniel Josiah enthusiastically delves into the first activity (decorating pumpkin cookies…a tradition my mother had started during fall times in my childhood years)

I busy myself with making sure that everything is going well,

and I turn my back for one minute and DJ has put TRIPLE

layers of candy on his cookie.  The other kids put a few

raisins and M&Ms on theirs.  All my efforts to keep DJ from

being a sugar addict, out the window…sigh… (fortunately he

forgot about the cookie and never really ate it)

Some of the neighborhood girls came to help with the

games, and the kids had fun going to the different “stations” to get treats. The great thing about when kids are just 3, they don’t QUITE get the presents thing, so instead of having people bring presents for DJ I had them bring small gifts for the shoeboxes we were going to fill for Samaritan’s Purse. I’m sure I will not be able to get away with this in years to come but I thought it was brilliant while I can.


All in all the party was super fun, and it was a joy to put on for my sweet little boy.


Trinity’s friend , Judah, is graciously pointing out that she is

having difficulty with the concept of SHARING at the

moment. Trinity doesn’t seem to care though…