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Introducing…."From the Mouths of Babes" post #1

I have a little book that I started a couple of years ago that, that records funny things my kids say. I always wondered which of my four (and probably many more to come) kids would one day actually take posession of the book, BUT if I put the funny sayings in my blog, like my brilliant sister-in-law does, then they can ALL have access to the sayings (provided they have a computer and WiFi)…and so can their grandparents and aunts and uncles and Kortlyn (who is the only non-related person that might actually care) ok, and maybe Dilly and Kathy too. SO, here are just two recent snippets of conversations that quite amused me.

When I walked into the kitchen today, Trinity was busily at work on some puzzles and this was the dialogue with herself (and the Lord?) that I overheard:

Trinity: God helps me do puzzles…God helps me do beds (make beds)….God helps people learn about Jesus…God helps Daniel Josiah not hit me….

Trinity, my puzzle-doing-theologian

The other day in the car:
Daniel Josiah all of a sudden said “There’s a salami of the Lord up in Japan”…I was taken aback, wondering if maybe he was talking jibberish to himself…just putting random words together. I said “What??” “There’s a salami of the Lord up in Japan.” he repeated. I was silent for a while trying my very hardest to figure out what on earth he was talking about. salami…salami…kind of sounds like tsunami…”YOU’RE RIGHT, DJ!” God IS sending a tsunami of His grace and love into the lives of the Japanese.”