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Mold Remediation Plan

Life has been a whirlwind these past two weeks, and I’m working on a post documenting God’s incredible faithfulness through the Body of Christ here, but in the meantime, here is our” Mold Remediation Plan” which we are working through (we just finished #4 today). We have also moved out while we work on everything, and are staying with a dear family from our school who has a child in Daniel Josiah’s class.  They have a GREAT house for kids, so the children think that having black mold is awesome!

1. Get rid of all items listed  (practically all items in house) in blog post, here. (yesterday we found black mold on our Scrabble pieces for goodness sakes!)
2. Purchase 50 pint dehumidifier from Lowes or Home Depot (to be put in basement area to keep humidity down)
3. purchase 1 gal. of Micro ban  Plus (mold and spore killer),  to spray down anything we are trying to salvage
4. Spend a day spraying down all salvageable (things that show NO signs of mold) items with Microban, bleach in laundry anything trying to be preserved.
5. Purchase Hygrometer (humidity gage)  in order to keep humidity under control, and prevent any leftover black mold spores from sprouting
6.. Have AdvantaClean come in to remove current mold in house. Won’t be able to come until September 5 due to their booked schedule.
7. Go through house and wipe down all baseboards with Microban.
8.  Have all carpets cleaned by All Star Chem-dry, which uses a special process to remove mold spores brought into house, without wetting carpets
9.  Have dry cleaned any sentimental linens, articles of clothing, etc.
10. THEN start moving replacement items into house. (SO NOTHING NEW CAN COME INTO OUR HOUSE UNTIL THE EVENING OF SEPTEMBER 5)
11. Have Benjamin and Malachi’s lungs x-rayed and checked out by traditional medical doctor. Have entire family get checked out by physicians.
12. Have Benjamin detoxed and his immune systems strengthened (after having lived with a suppressed one the first three years of his existence)  through an all natural Chinese medicine treatment plan through Green Med Spa, (Benjamin goes twice a week)
13.  Attempt to detox rest of family with essential oils, and natural mold exposure remedies
14.  Keeps singing.

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  • Marylyn Roberts on September 1, 2013

    Kimberly, your faith does shine through in the midst of a horrible ordeal for you and your family. The Lord is obviously teaching you about what is and isn’t important to Him as you go through this (as in material things vs. the health and well-being of your family) but you are embracing His Grace in getting through it in a wonderful way, which is an example to all of us. Blessings as you continue the detox of your lives!

  • Carolyn on September 9, 2013

    Hi. I don’t know if this info will actually get to you, but I will try. Household Bleach does not kill mold. (Ever wonder why when you bleach the bathtub grout, the black stuff returns…obviously not killed is it) Mold changes your life as you stated. To be brief, 25% of the population has the genetic code that opens them up for mold illness. Not just an allergy…really sick! Look for Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker’s book…Surviving Mold. You can get information at this website Also use an ERMI test to check for a mold free environment. There are several labs in the U.S., we use Mycometrics in New Jersey. Mold spores (whole or fragmented) are the enemy…they are neither alive or dead, so they cannot be “killed”. They can only be “removed”. Make sure your remediation company uses proper cleaning protocol. Negative air machines, white suits, etc. Bless you and the little ones.

  • House Mold on May 21, 2014

    My goodness this post really speaks to me. I’ve had the same run in with black mold myself. Unfortunately my only child, age 4 at the time, had his immune system weakened and was hospitalized for a week! I thank God that nothing worse befell him from this incident but it has taught me that black mold is no joke at all. I pray that your children didn’t suffer any illness from this.

    The list you and your family had to go through seems quite long, I had called a mold remediation company and they took care of everything that you listed for us.

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