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The Trials ARE the Training

We’ve sat in seminars. Visited hotel conference rooms and small group brainstorming sessions. We have been “trained” to be church planters. Don’t get me wrong, these things are good and necessary things, but nothing is quite like the training that trials bring. Since moving to Atlanta, with a vision to plant churches that keep planting […]

A Pathway Through….

**Note: I know many people have asked for an update on our move and how things are going in our new neighborhood, but since I have been painting, and working on renovations and unpacking boxes and feeding small people and lugging laundry through the path of boxes and chaos, I don’t have it written up […]

Will I grab for it, or will I listen for it?

Salt was flying. Sugar was spilling. Baking powder was pouring. Small hands were grabbing and snatching and dumping. Ingredients jettisoning all over the kitchen. A mommy was attempting baking… …with an overly eager two year old and four year old. Those little boys were so eager to help me make “gooten fwee bwownies” (Gluten Free […]

Where are you sitting?

“…sit at my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool”   Psalm 110:1 It was a short verse, at that 4 am rising, but the minute I read it, it hit me: There is something about where we sit and what happens to our enemies. right there on the same page, are promises […]

God Uses the Messes

It had been another frantic Sunday morning. If I had lain the children’s clothes out the night before, we wouldn’t have had battles over mismatching clothes. Help me, Lord.  If I had trained my kids better about putting shoes away in their shoe bins, we wouldn’t have spent 20 minutes franticly looking under couches and […]

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