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The Move, the Emotions, and the Empathy

I had dragged little people down there at 8pm, with sleeping bags, a paintbrush, and a large cup of coffee in hand. We made makeshift beds for them on the carpet padding, and then got to work.   Always fighting back panic with song. But the panic gained ground. and gave way to panicked pleading. […]

A Pathway Through….

**Note: I know many people have asked for an update on our move and how things are going in our new neighborhood, but since I have been painting, and working on renovations and unpacking boxes and feeding small people and lugging laundry through the path of boxes and chaos, I don’t have it written up […]

Singing through the Storms

It’s posted right in my windowsill over the sink… The kids and I sing it on the way to school… Its a lifeline and bedrock when every physical thing around me is shifting (or being hauled to the dump) “Yes, they shall sing of the ways of the Lord.  For GREAT is the glory of […]