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Ripe for Redemption

I picked up the kiddos from their amazing school in the wealthy, sheltered part of town. The magnificent building, the pristine landscaping, the haven that the school and church property is… This place has been a great blessing in our lives. When I drive through its parking lot dotted with gorgeous red maples, it seems […]

Not about the soccer schedule….

Spoke to my best friend yesterday. We didn’t shoot the breeze about our kid’s soccer teams.  Or about ballet schedules being busy.  Didn’t talk about the sale at Macy’s or about what color we will paint our kitchens. No, the mothering issues she faces are far more intense than that, for she resides in Newark, […]

Before they call, I will answer…

“Before they call, I will answer, while they are still speaking I will hear.” Isaiah 65:24 He’s done it again, and proved Himself so faithful and true to His Word. While there is still much to wait in expectation for the Lord to do, we have already seen some exciting glimmers of hope in Newark. […]

As we fast….

As we go into our weekend of fasting for Newark, NJ and the ministry of Safe Haven there, I wanted to include some practical helps and ways we can be approaching the Lord on behalf of this city. First of all, the fast will be lasting for 48 hours (Friday 7pm-Sunday 7pm)  and we are […]

A Whirlwind Tour Up the East Coast

There IS a good reason why I have not blogged in over a month…the reason being a whirlwind tour up the East Coast.  Here’s a little play-by-play on our frantic, but blessed travels -more posts will come relating the incredible things the Lord did and taught us along the way. June 20 -Danny leaves to […]

A Brunch, Tears, and the Question "Who will go?"

Bright flashes of color adorned the tables. Clever “Bloom where you are planted” signs were posted. Decorated seed packets were set as reminders. A delicious menu was planned. A panelist of women speakers was scheduled. ~ Everything we ready for the End of the Year Women’s brunch for the seminary wives and female students. I […]

Meet a Modern Day Hero

He may not fly. He may not shoot webs out his hands. He may not fight crime by beating up the bad guys and getting them shipped off to prison. But he is a hero. In fact, this hero fights crime by LOVING the gangster.  By being the bad guy’s friend.  By giving the teen […]

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