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Before they call, I will answer…

“Before they call, I will answer, while they are still speaking I will hear.” Isaiah 65:24

He’s done it again, and proved Himself so faithful and true to His Word.

While there is still much to wait in expectation for the Lord to do, we have already seen some exciting glimmers of hope in Newark.  Here are just the beginnings of some of God’s workings…

~On Thursday afternoon a teen named Jamil was working with the afterschool program and the Gospel was fully presented to him through the Children’s Catechism.  The fact that he had “a soul that will never die” hit him deeply and he knew he needed a Savior to redeem his soul.  He prayed to receive Christ as his Savior that afternoon.

~Danny’s grandfather, Bill Iverson, who first restarted Trinity Reformed Church 8 years ago, has had a renewed fire and burden to funnel time and resources into the work there. He is the best recruiter of laborers for Christ that I have ever seen.  Having him “on board” again is a huge blessing!

~An, on-on-fire-for-the-Lord couple came to visit (through Pastor Bill’s connection) for the weekend and have committed to at least do supply preaching for the month of March.  Maybe God is raising this couple up to come labor more permanently??

~The dwindling church service of about 10-15 worshipers on Sunday, was up to 45 people this past weekend. Praise God for people showing up!

~ Pastor Bill was able to re-establish connections with a few key people who had previously strayed from the Lord. They were back at church on Sunday!

~A (now) teen girl, who I had worked with since she was 8 years old, came back to church and even made cupcakes on her own initiative to share with everyone after service.

~A teen guy who had lived with us for a while (who is now aspiring to go to Bible college) showed up with his father (who hadn’t been to Trinity for over 6 years now!)  Their relationship is beginning to be healed.

~We had well-over 100 prayer warriors this past weekend, and news keeps trickling in of others who had taken the prayer challenge (some people were even from other continents!!).  May this prayer and fast burden peoples hearts to continue to intercede for these, the fatherless, the widows, the aliens and marginalized of our society and especially in Newark!

Thank you to all who participated! The Lord is working!