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First Day of School Pictures

Since  I have NOT gone into labor yet (thank you, Danny, for alerting the entire Facebook world to our false alarm last Saturday), its about time I got caught up on some blog posting. The first week of school at our incredible Charlotte Mason style school is exciting and exhausting and overwhelming. Parents commit ahead […]

Exchanging My Agenda, for His….

I should have known this would happen. Every time I have my life strategically planned out, the Lord changes things drastically (always for the better, I might add) It happened when I was suppose to go to East Asia to labor for Him, and He rerouted us to Kazakstan. And as a result Nina is […]

From the mouths of babes…momentous day

Today was a momentous day. Daniel Josiah read all of Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham by himself. (Granted, it took nearly 45 minutes between frequent breaks, back scratches to keep him going, some reminding of phonics rules by his mother, and some frustration towards Trinity who would mindlessly blurt out the next word because […]

A new Educator just moved in….

I tell you what, homeschooling is NOT for the faint of heart. In fact, the first month of December (and even on into January), I was asking myself, “WHO in their RIGHT MIND, would DO this?!?” (I’m obviously not in my right mind, especially attempting it with three younger ones to keep occupied while “school” […]

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